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About Us

Take a look inside…

Artists Frame Service, the country’s largest picture framing store, has been providing Chicago with legendary service for over 35 years.


See how the process works, catch a glimpse of some of the hundreds of frame choices, and hear from one of our expert frame consultants.

Our Consultants

Our framing consultants have art backgrounds and an average of ten years of experience in the industry. This isn’t a job to them, it’s a profession.

Our Selection

An extraordinary selection of frame mouldings sourced personally and passionately from around the world.

Our Standards

We take framing seriously. It’s about details, high standards, and meeting our own level of expectation.

Our Commitment

With a huge inventory, state-of-the-art facility and a large staff of artisans, we get the job done when you need it. We deliver on this promise.


There are about 3 million framing choices—between frame mouldings, mat colors, glass options, spacers, hinging, mounting, and backing—for every piece of artwork. Our designers have been with us an average of ten years; they will make your framing selection process painless and enjoyable.

Step One: Consultation

It wouldn’t be custom without “you”.

When you visit Artists Frame Service, you’ll work with one of our consultants. These are trained, experienced people with art backgrounds who can narrow down the 3 million options to the 3 or 4 you really love. They’ll ask the right questions, like is it an heirloom, where it is going to hang, and what is your style?

Step Two: Completion

Frame it like you mean it.

Once you select your frame package, we take responsibility for your artwork. Your frame enters our sophisticated framing process—your mat is cut, your frame is made, and your piece is put together by experienced artisans, who pay close attention to every detail.

Step Three: Inspection

We take framing seriously.

After passing through our own three-point inspection, your artwork is brought to our pick-up counter where it is again reviewed by your original frame consultant.

 It’s about meeting our own high expectations.

Step Four: Congratulations!

You deserve beautiful framing to last a lifetime.

Congratulations on choosing custom framing and thank you for your business.

We don’t want you satisfied. We want you thrilled. If it’s not working when you get your framed piece home, tell us and we’ll make it right. We’re not off the hook yet.

Our Selection

We have hundreds of frames in stock to fit any style and any budget. Click through the slideshow below to see a few great examples of our framing options.