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Here Are Some Dos And Don’Ts For Cleaning Framed Items

Most finishes on your frames are pretty delicate. It’s not recommended to really clean them at all beyond a light dusting.

Gold and silver leaf finishes in particular can be scratched or completely rubbed off if you go to town with any kind of spray cleaner. If you must, a slightly damp soft cotton cloth or an old t-shirt can be used to gently wipe them down.

How to Clean Glass:

Check the back of your framing for our sticker to identify the type of glass and find our recommended care instructions.  Most glass can be cleaned with paper towels and any kind of ammonia-free spray cleaner. A soft cotton cloth or old t-shirt works too.  Always spray the cleaner on the rag rather than directly on the glass. This makes sure you don’t over-spray with drips getting under the glass or get any spray on the frame itself. Wipe in steady circular motions.

How to Clean Museum Glass:

The magical secret to Museum glass that makes it look invisible is the anti-reflective coating. This coating on the surface is a little more delicate than regular glass and can scratch like eyeglasses if you use something too abrasive.  We recommend avoiding paper towels and instead use a soft cotton cloth or a micro-fiber cloth. Any ammonia-free glass cleaner will work. We do carry a great product for purchase in store as well as micro-fiber cloths. If there are still some stubborn streaks or fingerprints left on the glass, using a solution of 50/50 water and rubbing alcohol as a spot treatment should lift off any oil residue.

How to Clean Acrylic and Plexiglas

When cleaning acrylic, it’s best to use mild soap and water or a product designed for cleaning plastics. Regular glass cleaner is not recommended. Paper towels also can be a little abrasive, so we prefer a soft cotton or micro-fiber cloth. If you should find a little scratch in your acrylic, we suggest the Novus brand of products that can be used to buff out minor scratches.  #3 for a deep scratch, #2 for an artificial scratch and #1 for an all-purpose every day polish and shine.

Bring in the Big (air) Guns

A little light spring cleaning you can handle on your own but you might find yourself in need of professional help. We often have customers bring us framed items that have been in the basement or in storage and now have signs of mold or insects. We’ll be happy to open your framing and air blast out anything creepy crawly. With a little refresh of the matting and glass or new backing paper and wire your older treasures can be made good as new.

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