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Picture framing shop Manchester

Picture framing shop Manchester – “Northwest Picture and Sports Framing Company” is the leading picture framing service in greater Manchester. The company has been in the industry for almost two decades now.

The firm is renowned for supplying bespoke canvas prints and custom picture framing to the general public. Thanks to the team of highly trained and experienced artisans.

Northwest Picture and Sports Framing have a wide selection of frame molding sources to help meet the taste and preferences of the customers in Manchester.

If you are looking to create memories for the future, this picture framing shop in Manchester is a real deal for you. The high standards at the company help to surpass customer expectations.

Many people have no clue about picture framing concepts. This post provides deeper insight into picture framing and its importance to the public. Let’s find that out together in this post.


What Is Picture Framing?


Picture framing shop in Manchester makes images more pleasing to intrigue the viewer to focus on the framed object. The presentation helps to direct the attention of the viewer back into the scene.

Visual art related to specific themes adds more depth and interest to the picture. Framing the image and mount it on the wall creates a lasting memory.

Thousands of people around the world want to create a long-lasting and memorable experience through pictures. Visual art skills help to make the dream achievable through picture framing.

Our picture framing shop in Manchester helps you in achieving this dream. The inventory, machinery, and experienced artisans know how to deliver the promise.

Our company has over three million image framing options. The purpose is to make framing selection painless and enjoyable to our customers.

The framing consultants at the company have artwork backgrounds. The team will help you make the right choice from the three million picture framing options.


What Are the Purposes of Picture Framing?


Visual art plays a crucial role in many homes. The wall art describes the personality and aesthetic sense of the homeowner.

Interior design is a booming business across Europe and North America. Thousands of people are seeking for picture framing service to improve their interior space.

The high demand is a clear indicator of picture frames’ importance in the interior space of any property. Below are some of the purposes of picture framing services:


Protection of Wall Arts

Picture frames are an excellent choice for protecting your wall art. The frames have a sense of customizing the print and protecting family photos for future memories.

The frames enclose the photo to protect the edges, front and back. It is the best option for upholding the value of your picture.

Creates a Visual Barrier

Picture frames help to separate art from the world. The picture frame forces the viewer to pay maximum attention and avoid distraction from the surroundings.

The visual barrier enhances focus and concentration on the image. It is another crucial reason behind seeking a picture framing service.

Improve the Interior Décor

Pictures in frames are part and parcel of the room. These gadgets help deliver a hidden meaning to the viewers and describe the knowledge of creativity.

Picture frames also play an essential role in interior design. Hanging the visual arts in the room influences the interior decorations and architecture of the house.

Excellent Complement to the Pictures

The frame is an extension of the artwork besides acting as a complement to the picture. Thanks to the numerous colors of picture frames.

The popularity of Northwest Picture and Sports Framing company is due to its unique framing style. The company offers picture framing services that suit the desires of the customers.

To Express Personal Preferences

Picture frames help to describe the personality of a person like the home décor. These artworks usually make a statement in your house.

Many people have unique styles and tastes when it comes to picture framing. Northwest Picture and Sports Framing company’s picture framing shop in Manchester is the best place to realize your sense of framing style.

Incredible Gift

Pictures and wall arts are excellent gifts for your loved ones. Many people usually treasure the present and would want to keep it forever.

Framing is the best option in such scenarios. Besides that, it helps to give the gift a finishing touch. The physical appearance is what makes a huge statement after framing.

Help in Choosing the Paint Color Scheme

Choosing the paint color scheme for the house can be both an exciting and daunting experience. It is a task that needs an individual to be mindful of several factors.

But picture frames help to make the right choice. The colors of the picture frames should coordinate with the wall paint to make a statement in the house.


What Are the Types of Picture Framing?


Are you looking for an elegant picture frame to compliment your photo or artwork? Look no more as Northwest Picture and Sports Frame company got your back.

Our picture framing shop in Manchester has over three million picture framing styles ideal for most treasured images or wall arts. We offer impeccable picture framing services worth the value of your money.

Below are some of the most common types of picture framing at our picture framing shop in Manchester

Gallery Frame

It is an excellent option when using the mat to create the frame-in-frame effect. It is quite famous in museum photograph installation.

Gallery frame is the perfect choice for the most prized prints and makes a statement in your home by pulling together your collections.

Displaying these picture frames in the house is super easy. Try to put four to five frames together regardless of their finish touch to boost the visual interests.

Modern Frame

The picture framing design usually puts the image at the center. The minimalist design help to put more focus on the print. A centerpiece is an incredible option for any room.

The frame type adds extra sophistication and luxury appeal to the minimalist décor themes. It is the perfect choice for those living in urban or industrial settings.

Floating Frame

The design uses clear glass instead of the mat to give the picture the floating effect on the wall. The frame offers UV protection to the prints to guarantee a long lifespan.

Besides that, the floating frame display gives the print a source of attention and unforgettable standing effect. The best option of turning a blank wall into artwork.

Deep-Set Frame

The best picture frame for those individuals that love traveling and showcasing landscape. The frame layers are known for drawing maximum attention to the viewers.

These frames are not hung on the walls. The design makes it super easy and simple to swap photos to refresh the room depending on the season.

Canvas Print Framed

The design help to bring out the image from the wall since it stretches the canvas onto the internal frame. The slight float between the deep-set frames and canvas is ideal for a unique visual effect.

The canvas print is an excellent option for documenting images for generations to come. Wedding and baby photos usually go well with canvas print design.

Tabletop Frame

Are you looking to make your house feel like home? Tabletop frames are the best choice for you since this timeless design brings out a unique modern functionality.

The tabletop frame is perfect on tables, mantles, shelves, and more. The frame design is ideal for describing the personalities of people living in the house.

Photo Holders Frame

Photo holders are suitable for bringing new looks to the photos that you treasure. The design has the best storage and display for family photos.

The picture frame come in different sizes and designs. The little details on the frame complement well with photos and wall paint color schemes.

How Do I Choose A Frame for A Picture?

A frame is not only meant to hang your loved treasures on the wall but also make a statement in your house. You need to choose the right frame to complement your interior space and pictures.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a frame for your picture. These factors help to make the best decision that won’t leave you regretting in the long run.

Below are tips to help you choose a frame for a picture in case you are finding the task challenging. These tips include:

Current Condition

Picture frame is not all about style, material, and color. But it is more of a condition report of protecting against damage and degradation.

Our picture framing shop in Manchester usually sends a representative to the client place to assess the prevailing conditions before offering the best advice.

Be Sensitive to Picture Framing Service

There are several companies in Manchester offering picture framing services. Take the time to research more about the company chosen before awarding them the task of picture framing.

We at Northwest Picture and Sports Framing have everything you are looking for in framing. Our company has been in the industry for many years with a team of experienced artisans.

Artwork Location

Temperature and humidity play an essential role in the picture framing industry. Control of these conditions helps in the creation of high-quality images and wall art for your home.

Take the time to assess the current environment in the chosen studio before requesting a customized picture frame. Ensure it is a safe environment for your treasured items or prints.

Choose the Glass Quality

The glazing choice will determine the picture display. Spend quality time in assessing the available glass materials for your picture frame.

Consider the glass quality that can filter ultraviolet light to protect your images or prints from fading and damages. These picture frame glasses are ideal for boosting the lifespan of your prints.

Select Lighter Frames

Simple art usually works well with lighter frames. The dark color scheme is more elegant and formal pieces. It is also neutral to match with the interior color paint.

Choose Frames that Compliment Current Décor

The color scheme of your house décor also plays a critical role when selecting picture frames. It would be best to match the frame with your room décor. It helps to bring out the right spark of contrast.

Besides that, the frame color will help to make your artwork stand out and become a center of focus in the room.

Why Is Picture Framing So Expensive?

Picture framing service is not a booming industry. A few companies are offering the service, especially in Manchester.

The industry is more of people with art backgrounds to bring out something professional and worth the value of money.

So, why is picture framing so expensive? It could be due to limited frame shops, experts, and the value of the picture frames. But most people usually perceive value as expensive.

Northwest Picture and Sports Framing company know the importance of treasured items. The experts work around the clock to provide something worth the value of your money.

Besides that, the picture frames produced are unique and handcrafted with top-quality materials. The cost of these materials and labor could be the reason why picture frames are so expensive.

But take more time to find the best framers. Investing in a reputable company like Northwest Picture and Sports Framing will never leave you regretting.

Can You Frame Pictures Yourself?

Framing pictures help to protect them from damages and degradation. The prints are kept safe and guaranteed to last longer despite weather changes.

But the task of picture framing can be challenging. Things can become worse for those people without experience and art background.

So, can you frame pictures yourself? Yes or No. Picture framing is more skill and talent. The industry is not for everyone. Individuals with framing skills and talent can do the task at home.

If you cannot frame pictures yourself, I recommend seeking a picture framing service from us “Northwest Picture and Sports Framing Company”, our picture framing shop in Manchester.

Final Verdict

Picture framing service is ideal for protecting your loved print media from fading due to adverse weather conditions. The service helps to boost the lifespan of your treasured items.
Northwest Picture and Sports Framing company is the best place for you. Our picture framing shop in Manchester has many professionals with experience and art background to undertake the picture framing tasks.

The picture framing shop in Manchester has hundreds of frames that can suit your style at an affordable price. But we also offer customized picture frames and canvas prints.



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