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Mirror Framing: Getting The Reflection Just Right

You already know that Artists Frame Service is the country’s largest custom picture framing store, but you might not know that we frame more than just art.

From hinged shadowboxes and wedding dresses to sports jerseys and keepsakes, there’s almost no limit to what we can frame. But what is one of the most overlooked, yet jaw-dropping and immensely practical items you could possibly hang in your space? A custom framed mirror. And as Dr. Phil so wisely says, “It’s hard to see your own face without a mirror”.

Framed mirrors provide an instant visual impact to any space and any décor. Just like we have a variety of options for our framed art, a framed mirror can be made with a traditional beveled edge or sleek and modern flat glass. You also have the choice between clear or vintage and distressed finishes for the mirror glass. Custom framed mirrors can be made from any of our 1000 stock frames and can be ready in as little as one week. And when it is ready, our expert team of installers will hang your framed mirror in the perfect spot.

Recently, our customers ordered a stunning framed mirror to go over the mantle in their living room. They have a gorgeous view out the window looking south on Lincoln Park and Lake Shore Drive and were hoping to capture some of the light and color in the mirror to bring the lakefront indoors.

Based off of pictures the client provided of the space, we chose a chunky modern profile paired with a warm richly-textured accent frame. The colors work well with the décor and bring a more modern look while not clashing with their vintage fireplace. The frame was made to fit perfectly within a specific area on the wall bordered by the existing architectural moulding.

After seeing it installed, we realized that the mirror was reflecting the ceiling rather than the view. So, we uninstalled the framed mirror, brought it back to the showroom, and added on a custom backing that allows the mirror to tilt down at an angle. We re-installed the mirror in the same place, with added support, and made a final adjustment by lowering it down an inch and a half to make absolutely sure that the clients weren’t just satisfied, they were thrilled.

For inspiration to design your own custom mirror frame for your living room, bathroom, bedroom, or even your office, check out ourmirror framing page to see photos of other framed mirrors we’ve created.