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The Best Custom And Picture Framing Stores

The best picture framing shop in Tameside will help you perfectly preserve and display that favourite painting, photo or print.

They’re also the people to call if you want a custom shadow box for that jersey or childhood toy, a little help wall-mounting a large item, restoration services for damaged artwork, or even new prints and original works (if you don’t already have something worthy of a custom frame job). Ready to graduate from IKEA frames? Get ready to see that concert poster that’s followed you through five apartments in a whole new light.

Here are the best custom, art and picture framing stores in Toronto.

1.Akau Framing

Akau Framing may be hidden away on a side street off of Queen but the neighbourhood mainstay has long been a popular local option for custom framing jobs.

2.The Gilder

Emerging artists, take note. This Morrow Avenue shop specializes in working with creators to figure out what frames suit their work best. All the store’s frames, ranging from simple stains to gesso applications to 23-karat gold leaf, are designed and made in-house. Their frames are found in collections all over the world including the AGO’s Thomson collection, where their work surrounds pieces by Peter Paul Rubens, Emily Carr and the Group of Seven.

3.Telegramme Prints (Ossington)

In addition to a wide selection of affordable prints, Telegramme has everything needed to spruce them up for your walls (though they have a west-end and east-end location, the framing is done at their Dundas and Ossington shop). Prices are affordable, including a $99 custom frame special for 18 by 24 inch prints — that’s a whole lot of frame for not much cash.

4.Soho Art & Custom Framing

This Roncesvalles shop pledges to handle everything from posters to priceless art. Soho offers only UV-protective glass and archival-quality matting, which stems from their belief that if it’s worth framing, you’ve got to do it right. For the bargain-hunters, irregular-sized frames are marked way, way down each week, so keep checking back.

5. Akasha Art Projects

The folks behind Akasha are artists and photographers themselves, with over 25 years experience in the art world, lending them a careful eye for accenting art through framing. If one of their 400 framing samples is the right fit, they also offer custom creations. The Church and Wellesley space also hosts a photography-focused gallery space, as well as a catalog of photography prints available for purchase.

6. Dimensions Custom Framing

This Queen East gallery hosts plenty of original pieces by local emerging and established artists. But if you already know what you’re hoping to frame, never fear. Their framing expert, Wendy Palmer, has 20 years of experience in the business. Their services run the gamut from mat cutting and shadowboxes to plaquing and custom mirrors.

 7.The Framing Depot

The Framing Depot’s vast, bright retail space is a side benefit of its uptown location (on Lawrence Ave., east of the DVP). They’ve earned raves for their lightning-fast custom framing services, and offer a number of extra services, including pickup, delivery, hanging and in-house consultations.

 8.Elgin Picture and Frame

This Dupont and Christie shop vows to frame pretty much anything. A recent addition to their lineup of services is resin coating. They’ll mount your image on a box and coat it in epoxy for a glossy finish. They also do pretty much everything else, including art restoration, cleaning, packing and shipping.

9.Milk Glass Co.

Milk Glass does it all. The custom framing shop doubles as a gallery, and the space frequently plays host to pop-up shops for clothing and other handmade items. On the framing side, the Dundas and Ossington shop will field framing requests for all kinds of art and memorabilia.