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David Bowie Canvas Print

A stunning canvas print of David Bowie. 100% cotton canvas. All of our canvas bars are cut and made in house. Do you want to see more examples of our canvas prints, please see our canvas gallery

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Lamborghini Custom Canvas

A 48″x36″ Lamborghini custom canvas. As we have very good customer reviews and referrals the customer said that we come highly recommended. The basic process: 1 Source the photos from our stock image provider 2 Apply the photo frame edge to all of the images and size images 3 Apply the carbon fibre background 4 […]

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Here Are Some Dos And Don’Ts For Cleaning Framed Items

Most finishes on your frames are pretty delicate. It’s not recommended to really clean them at all beyond a light dusting. Gold and silver leaf finishes in particular can be scratched or completely rubbed off if you go to town with any kind of spray cleaner. If you must, a slightly damp soft cotton cloth […]

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